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Meet Wally

The Seafood-Allergic Walrus

Wally the Seafood-Allergic Walrus holding his EpiFriend (looks like an EpiPen)
Wally the Seafood-Allergic Walrus hugging his mom
A story about love.
A story about friendship and forgiveness.
Wally the Seafood-Allergic Walrus and his friends Sarah Shark, Nate the Narwal, and Annie the Sea Anemone
A story for the entire family.
“I watched my 4 year-old daughter’s eyes light up when reading Wally’s story. Someone knew exactly how she felt and what she experienced! She immediately asked to read the story again!”

Kari, mom of a kiddo with food allergies

"I wrote this story to help teach children about food allergies, but it teaches so much more - how to be a friend, how to ask forgiveness, and how to extend grace. Everyone can learn from Wally. I know I have."

Dr. Alice Hoyt, Author

Alice Hoyt holding her book Wally the Seafood-Allergic Walrus

Invite Wally into your home today.

Available at most online booksellers.

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