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Hoyt Institute of Food Allergy

Comprehensive Excellence in Food Allergy


Food allergy management only begins with the [accurate] diagnosis.

Food allergy is a journey. You are the hero in your story. Let Dr. Hoyt's team be your guide.

At the Hoyt Institute of Food Allergy, Dr. Alice Hoyt leads a team of food allergy-focused healthcare professionals in meeting your family's food allergy needs. Dr. Hoyt's expertise in diagnostics and medical therapeutics is part of the larger plan for your child's food allergy, a plan that includes:

  • Comprehensive, non-rushed discussion of your child's history

  • Targeted physical exam

  • Case-directed skin and blood testing

  • Ingestion challenge

  • Immunotherapy

  • Avoidance planning

  • Social-emotional counseling for you and your child

  • Dietary management counseling

  • School and childcare navigation with food allergy

Dr. Hoyt and her team will collaborate your current allergist, pediatrician, and other providers, to provide your family with a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to food allergy.

Mom and a Child

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"Dr. Alice Hoyt is an amazing allergist! My son, who has a peanut allergy, started OIT with her at 11 months. She was always great at interacting with him as well as us as parents. She provided the options available for my son’s OIT protocol and allergy plan and talked through the pros and cons of each decision when needed. She was caring, compassionate, informative, and encouraging throughout the process with my son as well as my family on our food allergy journey."




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