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We believe that feeding babies shouldn't be stressful.

The "Feeding is Fun!" Pathway helps parents enjoy introducing foods to their babies.

Starting solid foods is an exciting milestone for your little one, but it can also be nerve-wracking.

  • "Is this food safe?"

  • "Is my baby ready for this food?"

  • "What if my baby has a reaction?"

The "Feeding is Fun!" Pathway is a 3-12 month program in which families collaborate with Dr. Hoyt and her team in not just introducing but incorporating foods into their baby's diet. After the initial in-office consultation, you'll receive a guided plan on food incorporation that's personalized for your family. This is especially helpful for busy parents and for families with a history of food allergies.  

During your program, you'll receive access to Dr. Hoyt and her team so that you can receive answers to your baby-feeding questions. This plan is specifically for babies without food allergies as we have other plans for babies with allergies.

Who may be a candidate for the "Feeding is Fun!" Pathway?

This plan is specifically for babies without known food allergies.

Many moms (and dads!) have questions about how and what to feed their non-allergic baby so that the baby doesn't have an allergic reaction and doesn't develop and allergy. This program is for those babies! It will provide families with a personalized, easy-to-follow, SMART goal-oriented approach to incorporating foods into the diet to optimize nutrition and prevent the development of anaphylactic food allergies.

Mother and Baby on Floor
Mother with her Child

What is included in the "Feeding is Fun!" Pathway?

This pathway guides families in incorporating safe, healthy foods into their baby's diet to help prevent food allergies and optimize overall wellness and nutrition.

  • One in-office consultation

  • Personalized food incorporation plan

  • As needed telehealth (unlimited)

  • As needed text (unlimited)

  • Monthly check-ins via text

  • Access to Hoyt Online Learning

  • Access to Hoyt Parent Resources

The "Feeding is Fun!" Pathway is your family's way to have easy access to evidence-based, practice-proven information on feeding babies. Pricing is affordable and family-friendly.

Reach out today to see if your child may qualify.

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