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What is the Allergen Avoidance Program?

The Allergen Avoidance Pathway is a year-long, comprehensive, patient-centered treatment plan.

Food allergy is a complex condition. While avoiding one food may seem easy, there are other questions and stressors that arise as children grow.

  • "Is this food safe?"

  • "How do I feel comfortable when my child is at a friend's house for dinner?"

  • "When should my child start carrying the epipen?"

The Avoidance Pathway is a way you and your family can receive the highest quality food allergy care plus have the convenience and access that all families should have when managing a chronic condition.

To give our patients the most accessible, affordable food allergy avoidance plan with the most evidence-based, up-to-date care, we invite select, qualified patients to participate in our Allergen Avoidance Pathway.

Who may be a candidate for the Allergen Avoidance Pathway?

Allergen avoidance is one approach to food allergy that can work for many families.

The Allergen Avoidance Pathway is a management plan for children and adults with IgE-mediated food allergies, FPIES, and some patients with EOE. 

This pathway is especially designed for families that who want to provide their children with the services and support they need to live their best lives while avoiding allergens.

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What is included in the Allergen Avoidance Pathway?

This pathway manages all things food allergies.

  • Two planned in-office appointments

  • Two unplanned appointments

  • As needed telehealth (unlimited)

  • As needed text (unlimited)

  • Quick prescription refills

  • Quick school/camp form completions

  • Monthly check-ins

  • Access to Hoyt Online Learning

  • Access to Hoyt Parent Resources

The Allergen Avoidance Pathway is your family's way to have easy access to your child's food allergy team. Pricing is affordable and family-friendly.


Reach out today to see if your child may qualify.

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