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Refer your patients to a collaborative, food allergy-focused practice.

Allow Dr. Hoyt and her team manage your patients' food allergies. You will stay involved and informed on all things food allergy while you continue to manage non-food allergy and other medical issues.

Does Dr. Hoyt manage non-food allergy issues?

Although board-certified in allergy & immunology and well versed in allergic and primary immunodeficiency disorders, Dr. Hoyt mostly limits her practice to food allergies and intolerances. This allows her and her team to stay focused on food allergy issues and allows referring allergists to continue the care of shared patients for issues such as allergic rhinitis, asthma, and atopic dermatitis. Of course, when a change is needed to optimize care for a patient, such as stepping up asthma therapy during OIT, Dr. Hoyt will make such changes and keep you and your team informed.

Does Dr. Hoyt prescribe allergy shots?

No. Dr. Hoyt leaves such management to her general allergist colleagues. If a patient does not have a general allergist and develops the need for one during the course of food allergy management, Dr. Hoyt will refer that patient to a trusted allergy colleague.

How do I refer to Dr. Hoyt?

Referral is easy. Simply provide your patient with our website and/or phone number. Dr. Hoyt's team will handle obtaining records and the rest. You can also call the Institute to speak directly with Dr. Hoyt to have any questions answered directly by her to you.

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