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Food allergy on social media – ask an expert, but not on social.

Social media is a relatively new world, and just as navigating the “real” world with food allergy can be challenging, navigating social media with allergy can cause its own issues.

In theory, social media was intended to be a place where people could connect; however, if misused, it can become a place where kids – and adults! – can be bullied. It can also become an inadequate substitution for real relationships. This includes being an inadequate substitution for typical things we associated with the term “social,” but what about things like medical advice?

Now, you may be thinking, “Well, Dr. Hoyt, you’re writing on your own website, so are you trying to ride one horse with one behind?” My answer, “No way, Jose!” The information I provide is just that: information. As I say at the end of all my podcast episodes, “I’m an allergist, but I’m not your allergist, so talk with your allergist…” I say that because it’s critical to have a good, real, patient-doctor/parent-doctor relationship with your allergist (shared medial decision making is so so so important). It literally could be the difference between living an unnecessarily anxious, poorly prepared life with food allergy and living your best life equipped with medical advice specific to your kiddo.

Food allergy on social media with Dr. Dave Stukus

If you have ever considered how to navigate social media for you and your kiddo regarding food allergy, then you are not going to want to miss this episode. Joining me is Dr. Dave Stukus @AllergyKidsDoc, allergist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Dr. Stukus is also the Social Media Medical Editor of the AAAAI, and he and I discuss social media and how it pertains to food allergy. We also talk about online bullying.

ALERT: This episode does touch on some serious topics, so consider listening when little ears are not listening.

Additional Show Notes

I talked about our non-profit…

The non-profit is The Teal Schoolhouse, whose primary program is Code Ana. Code Ana equips schools for medical emergencies like anaphylaxis. Our primary program is the Code Ana School Program, which is a comprehensive approach to school-focused medical preparedness. In a nutshell (pun???), this program guides schools through the process of creating a medical emergency response plan. A plan is important for all kiddos and for adults at any school! Our primary goal is to share the School Program. Code Ana’s Online Epinephrine Training Program helps support that goal. Through this program, you will educate yourself while you support this important mission! (BTW although Pam and I serve in leadership roles of Code Ana and The Teal Schoolhouse, our time/effort/work is completely voluntary). Does your kiddo’s school have Code Ana?


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