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OIT: All You Need to Know about Oral Immunotherapy in Under 10 Minutes

Take a deep dive into the world of oral immunotherapy with Dr. Alice Hoyt, a trusted board-certified allergist and mother, and Pam Lestage, a devoted mom navigating food allergies. They break down the essentials of OIT — from understanding what it is to exploring the risks and benefits. Whether you're an OIT skeptic or enthusiastic supporter, this episode promises insights that will deepen your understanding and enhance your decision-making process.

image of teal background that says "All you need to know about oral immunotherapy (OIT) in under 10 minute!"

The Science of OIT

OIT is one method that reprograms the body's immune response, teaching it to be less reactive to a particular food allergen. As in this episode, some immune systems are easier to reprogram than others.

Is OIT Right for Your Family?

Curious about the boundaries of OIT? Dr. Hoyt shines a light on who often is a good candidate for OIT. From children to adults, the conversation extends beyond simple yes or no to why and how.

Risks and Benefits

OIT therapy isn't a casual stroll. OIT takes time, and it can cause mild adverse reaction to severe anaphylactic reactions. That said, OIT can be powerful enough teach the immune system to tolerate a food enough so that a person can be bite-proof or, in some cases, even begin to free-eat the food. 

Next Steps

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