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Food allergy and counseling

De-Stress with Strategies from Tamara Hubbard, LCPC

How often do you worry about your kiddo who has food allergy? And have you ever wondered if that amount of worry is “normal” ?

Tune in to this episode of the Food Allergy and Your Kiddo Podcast with me, Dr. Alice Hoyt, and my good friend Pam Lestage as we interview food allergy counselor Tamara Hubbard, LCPC.

Tamara is one of the most knowledgeable food allergy-focused counselors in the country. She herself has a kiddo with food allergy and recognized the dearth of mental health support available for families managing food allergies. In this episode, Pam and I all with Tamara about the social-emotional challenges that come with loving a kiddo with food allergy and strategies to keep the worries at bay. Check out Tamara's podcast Exploring Food Allergy Families Podcast here or where ever you listen to podcasts: Check out Tamara's counseling site Tamara Hubbard, LCPC here: Learn more about food allergy and YOUR kiddo through the Food Allergy and Your Kiddo website: Are you in need of an allergist in your area? Check out these allergist finder tools from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology: AAAAI Allergist Finder: ACAAI Allergist Finder:

Have your food allergy counseling, anaphylaxis, and other allergy questions answered on the podcast!

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Additional Show Notes

I have talked about a non-profit…

The non-profit is The Teal Schoolhouse, whose primary program is Code Ana. Code Ana equips schools for medical emergencies like anaphylaxis. Our primary program is the Code Ana School Program, which is a comprehensive approach to school-focused medical preparedness. This program guides schools through the process of creating a medical emergency response plan. This is one of the most important components of a school's food allergy policy!

A medical emergency response plan is important for all kiddos and for adults at any school! Our primary goal is to share the School Program, and Code Ana’s Online Epinephrine Training Program helps support that goal. Through this program, you will educate yourself while you support this important mission! (BTW although Pam and I serve in leadership roles of Code Ana and The Teal Schoolhouse, our time/effort/work is completely voluntary). Does your kiddo’s school have Code Ana?

food allergy counseling

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