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Unpacking the Newest Anaphylaxis Practice Parameters with Dr. Dave Stukus: Expert Insights into Anaphylaxis Management

The landscape of food allergy management is constantly evolving, and with each year, new research brings about changes that can significantly impact the lives of those affected and their loved ones. When the 2023 Anaphylaxis Practice Parameters hit the presses, I knew I wanted to have my friend and fellow allergist Dr. Dave Stukus join me on the show to discuss it all (well, as much as we could in a reasonable amount of time!).

Our conversation sheds light on the meticulous research and evidence-based recommendations that underpin these new guidelines, offering reassurance and hope to families dealing with food allergies, particularly in infants and young children. A critical point that Dr. Stukus and I address is the widespread myth concerning the severity of reactions to first allergen exposures in infants. He reassures listeners that wile reactions can occur, life-threatening events are exceedingly rare, which may help alleviate at least some of the anxiety parents experience. This information is not only comforting but also empowers families to approach food allergy management with a more informed and less fearful mindset.

happy baby and mom
Safe management of anaphylaxis is this mom's top priority!

Our discussion also explores the complexities of diagnosing anaphylaxis, understanding mast cell disorders, and the intricacies of peri-operative anaphylaxis, offering clarity to listeners who seek to comprehend these challenging topics.

Another highlight of the episode is the importance of regular visits to an allergist. Dr. Stukus emphasizes that keeping up with new developments and treatments is crucial for optimal food allergy management, and I couldn't agree more (which is why we offer care pathways, from Avoidance to Immunotherapy, at the Hoyt Institute and rarely have one-off follow-up appointments with patients who are not engaged with us through a care pathway).

This podcast episode delves into a game-changing shift in the post-epinephrine protocol. Dr. Stukus and I discuss that in some cases, it may be appropriate to forgo an emergency room visit after symptoms improve with at-home treatment. This revelation is transforming the traditional approach to emergency care following anaphylaxis and underscores the transformative power of early epinephrine administration.

Also discussed:

  • Several misconceptions about food allergies and anaphylaxis

  • The nuances of prescribing epinephrine

  • Management of certain milder forms of food allergy

anaphylaxis practice parameter

Our chat concludes by highlighting the accessibility of the practice parameters, which are available online for free, ensuring that anyone can benefit from this vital information. Dr. Stukas’ appearance on the podcast not only provides listeners with an in-depth analysis of the 2023 Anaphylaxis Practice Parameters but also offers practical advice for navigating the everyday challenges of food allergies.

For families grappling with the realities of food allergies, this podcast episode on the newest Anaphylaxis Practice Parameters is a must-listen. It serves as an essential resource for staying informed and prepared, offering evidence-based guidance that can truly make a difference in managing the condition. As research continues to advance our understanding of anaphylaxis and food allergies, staying connected with experts like Dr. Stukus will remain invaluable. Thanks again, Dave, for coming on the show!


Dr. Dave Stukus is a Professor of Clinical Pediatrics in the Division of Allergy and Immunology. He is the director of the Food Allergy Treatment Center. Dr. Stukus participates in clinical research as well as quality improvement, patient advocacy, and medical education. Dr. Stukus is an internationally recognized keynote speaker and has received named lectureships and awards from various national and international organizations. Dr. Stukus holds multiple leadership positions in both the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) and the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. He is one of twelve allergists invited as a member of the Joint Task Force for Practice Parameters. Dr. Stukus produces and hosts the AAAAI podcast "Conversations From the World of Allergy" and has been named a Top Doctor in Pediatric Allergy every year since 2015. Check him out on social - @allergykidsdoc.


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