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Your State’s Stock Epinephrine Laws

Where does your state land on Stock Epi?

What is “stock epi” ? It's epinephrine prescribed to an individual or, more commonly, to an entity. It is to be used in case of an allergy emergency. For example: it's used when someone is having anaphylaxis but does not have their epinephrine auto-injector.

Most states have legislation on stock epinephrine. (Spoiler: Hawaii does not.) Contents of the laws vary by state. Are you familiar with your state code on Stock Epi? This episode will help you answer that question!

Stock epinephrine saves lives.

Stock epinephrine saves lives!

Epinephrine auto-injectors save lives!

In this episode, Dr. Hoyt interviews her mentee (future doctor) Maddie Oxford about their recent paper in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice entitled “The Heterogeneity of Stock Epinephrine Legislation in the United States.” Click HERE to access the article, and follow along as you listen! ue']

Also… Are you in need of an allergist in your area? Check out these allergist finder tools: AAAAI Allergist Finder: ACAAI Allergist Finder:

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A note from Dr. Hoyt

I have talked about a non-profit…

Pam and I volunteer with the non-profit The Teal Schoolhouse. Its primary program is Code Ana. Code Ana equips schools for medical emergencies like anaphylaxis.

Code Ana’s Online Epinephrine Training Program helps support that goal. Through this program, you will educate yourself while you support this important mission!

A medical emergency response plan is important for everyone at any school. Code Ana's program Med-E Ready is a comprehensive approach to school-focused medical preparedness. This program guides schools through the process of creating a medical emergency response plan. A response team is also developed! This is one of the most important components of a school's food allergy policy!

Does your kiddo’s school have Code Ana?


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