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Be Food Allergy Informed.

Get your information from evidence-based sources curated for food allergy families.

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Online Learning: Welcome

Did you know the Hoyt Institute offers online education?

Be food allergy informed with the same courses that Hoyt Institute patients receive.

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Learning best takes place when you are in a place, both mentally and physically, to receive the information.

Dr. Hoyt has created online courses to help her patients better understand food allergy. To help families who are unable to see her in office, she makes these courses available on

These courses are for educational purposes and are not medical advice. They are intended to provide you a solid foundation of food allergy knowledge, which will improve your experience with your allergist and your overall food allergy journey.

Online Learning: Resources

Are you plugged in to Dr. Hoyt's Food Allergy and Your Kiddo yet?

It's your source for tactical, family-focused, evidence-based food allergy information.

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Are you looking for good food allergy information?

Dr. Hoyt has long seen the need for high quality food allergy information to be easily accessible and available online for all food allergy families.

That's why she created, the Food Allergy and Your Kiddo Podcast, and the Food Allergy and Your Kiddo Newsletter!

With food allergy mom Pam Lestage, Dr. Hoyt and Pam discuss all things food allergy and interview folks from across the food allergy spectrum, from physicians to parents and more.

Plus, you can access special tools and resources created and curated by Dr. Hoyt for food allergy families just like yours.

And you don't want to miss any more issues of the newsletter! Sign up for free at

Online Learning: Resources
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